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Best Car Exterior Ceramic Coating in Melbourne

The exterior of your car is always exposed to harsh weather, UV rays, dirt, debris & grit. In the long run this prolonged exposure can lead to decolorization, oxidation, scratches and other unseen damages. At D&W Studio we understand that your car is a representation of your taste & style. Our premium quality exterior ceramic coating service offers a superior level of long lasting protection to safeguard your car’s paintwork and keep it looking brand new. 

What are the benefits
of exterior ceramic coating?

Ultimate Protection

Ceramic coating protects car paint from weather, grit, acid rains & other damaging elements offering an unmatched protection

Long-lasting Brilliance

Ceramic coating lasts longer than most other treatments like wax and polishing offering long lasting shine.

Easy Maintenance

Ceramic coated surfaces do not hold water and grit and are easy to wipe off reducing the maintenance time.

Better Resale Value

well protected vehicle means low wear & tear which ultimately helps increase the resale value of the car.

Our Process of Exterior Ceramic Coating

  • Our car detailers commence our ceramic coat car detailing services by washing your car using a microfiber or lambswool wash mitt to prevent any new scratches and scuffs from forming on your car’s paintwork.
  • Then, to remove any metal particles stuck to the automobile and smooth off the surface, we will spray an “iron remover” over the moist surface.
  • The entire thing will be cut and polished after being wiped with a clay bar to give the car the best sheen.
  • Applying a ceramic coating to the vehicle is the last phase. The whole procedure can take upto two days.
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