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Car wheels are constantly exposed to damage because they are always in contact with the road and face different environmental factors. This exposure leads to the accumulation of dirt, brake dust, and grime on your wheels over time. This buildup not only makes your wheels look ugly but can also cause significant harm in the long run.
At D&W Studio, we recognize the significance of taking care of your wheels, which is why we provide specialized wheel detailing services in Melbourne. Our team of skilled car detailers is committed to restoring your wheels and making them shine brightly every time you hit the road.

Our Premium Wheels Detailing
Service Includes

Our special wheels detailing service includes complete cleaning and dressing of car wheels, rims, alloys & Tires. Here’s what is included in our service:

Assessing the Condition

We begin by assessing the condition of your wheels, identifying any specific areas of concern & determining the right detailing techniques.

Meticulous Cleaning

We then manually clean the wheels & tires and remove the buildup from dirt, brakes, carbon & grime with special brushes which do not harm the wheels.


We use special chemicals and techniques to remove the stubborn contaminants like road residue, tar & iron residue.

Polishing & Restoration

We use professional grade products and techniques to polish your wheels, remove scratches, oxidation, and other imperfections, restoring their original shine.

Protective Sealant Coating

Protective sealants are applied to safeguard them from any future damages caused dirt, brake dust & road debris.

Final Touches

Finally a detailed inspection is carried out to identify any shortcomings & once cleared tires are dressed to enhance overall visual appearance.

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