Premium Interior Ceramic Coating in Melbourne

Best Ceramic Coating for Car Interior in Melbourne

Transform the interior of your beloved vehicle and give it the care it deserves. At D&W Studio, we understand that the interior of your car is just as important as its exterior. Over time, your car’s interior is exposed to various elements such as sunlight, dust, and everyday use. These factors can gradually diminish the once vibrant and elegant appearance, leaving your interior dull and lifeless.

Our interior ceramic coating service in Melbourne is specifically designed to combat these challenges and provide your car’s interior with unparalleled protection.

Benefits of Interior Ceramic Coating:

High grade ceramic coating forms a strong and durable shield on interior parts like leather, vinyl, dashboard, and plastic trims. This acts as a protective barrier against harmful UV rays, dust, dirt, stains, spills, and general wear &  tear.

With its hydrophobic properties, spills and liquids are repelled effortlessly, preventing them from seeping into your upholstery and leaving stubborn stains. This also makes cleaning a breeze as dirt & grime are easily wiped away, allowing you to maintain a pristine interior with minimal effort. We only use highest rated products for best results.

Our Application Process


We begin by thoroughly cleaning and preparing the interior surfaces including removing any dirt, dust, or residues that may hinder the bonding of the ceramic coating.

Correction (Optional)

To eliminate minor imperfections if exist we perform surface corrections including polishing or buffing & fix the surface.

and Protection

We thoroughly protect excessive surfaces by masking them to avoid any unintended coating application.

Ceramic Coating Application

Our technicians apply the Interior Ceramic Coating by evenly distributing it across the surfaces, ensuring complete coverage & uniform layer of protection.

and Bonding

After application, the ceramic coating is allowed to cure for a specific time under controlled environment to let it properly bond with the interior surfaces.


Once the coating has fully cured, our team performs a thorough inspection to ensure the quality and integrity of the application.

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