Ceramic Coating for Glass in Melbourne

car glass coating in Melbourne

Ceramic Coating for Car Windshields and Windows

We at D&W Studio offer a complete range of ceramic coating protection for your car, including your car’s windshields & windows. The windshield of your car is constantly exposed to the external elements like road debris, insects & rains which reduces the visibility over long periods of exposure.  Our coating solutions not only safe guard your car’s windshield & windows glass but also  improve your driving experience by enhncing the visibility. It also promoted the visual appeal of your car.

The Advantages of Applying Ceramic Coating on Glass

Enhanced Visibility

Coating helps protect the windshield from damages & stains by repelling them, reducing use of wipers.

Scratch and Chip Resistance

The protective barrier on the glass surface makes it more resistant to scratches, chips, and damage caused by road debris.

Easy Cleaning

The hydrophobic properties of coating makes your car’s windshields & windows easy to clean.

UV Protection

Coating provides effective UV protection for your car's windshields and windows & also protects your car’s interior.

Long-lasting Protection

Our Ceramic Coating is designed to provide long-lasting durability & stay on for years to come.

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